Cindy is a copy editor who works primarily as Tandem Editing’s global health specialist, with a master’s degree in international development (focusing on public health) and ten years working in the industry. She frequently edits journal articles for academic researchers, nonprofit organizations, and the Global Health: Science and Practice journal. She is skilled at translating complex concepts into language appropriate for different audiences and sees editing as a way to better serve readers’ needs. Her current pursuits include:

Tandem Editing LLC. As a co-owner of Tandem Editing LLC, Cindy performs copyediting and substantive editing for global health and development institutions, nonprofit organizations, academic researchers, school districts, educators, authors, and publishers. We help smart, committed people achieve their communication goals. Tandem Editing combines the skills and experience of three editors.

ICF International. As an on-call editor for ICF International, Cindy edits publications for some of ICF’s largest clients, including the US Agency for International Development, Department of Labor, National Cancer Institute, Children’s Bureau, National Eye Institute, Columbia University, and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Ceree Editing LLC. Through her solo business, Cindy provides copyediting services for companies, individual authors, and publishers. She has edited more than two dozen children’s books, including the popular Zoey and Sassafras series, for the Innovation Press, which publishes award-winning books on science, technology, engineering, and math.

Mightier. Cindy provides editing services through Tandem’s collaboration with Mightier, which is a small, woman-owned consultancy with a big network.

Before launching her career as an independent editor, Cindy worked at two global nonprofit organizations focused on improving health among people in lower- and middle-income countries. As a program officer at AED (now FHI 360) and a program associate PATH, she worked on projects related to behavior change communications, reproductive health, family planning, procurement, and sustainable supply chains. At PATH she was the lead proofreader for the reproductive health team. She also wrote and edited content and managed the publication process in coordination with authors, program managers, editors, designers, clients, and donors.

Skills and education

Cindy completed a certificate in editing from the University of Washington in 2010. In 2003, she earned a master’s degree in international development studies (focusing on public health) from the George Washington University in Washington, DC. Her bachelor’s degree was in international studies and German (double major) with a double minor in political science and Spanish from Central College of Iowa in 1999.

Since 2010, Cindy has edited a wide a variety of materials for dozens of clients. She has advanced knowledge of editorial style and guidelines, including Chicago, AP, AMA, GPO, APA, Yahoo! web style, and multiple in-house style guides. She is an expert in Microsoft Office programs and has invested in continuing education classes at the Editorial Freelancers Association and Copyediting.com and regularly uses editing tools from Intelligent Editing, Editor Software, and Editorium to help speed up the editing process, ensure consistency in style, and deliver cleaner copy.